March 26, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to 2A’s blog! As creating and navigating a blog is new to me please have patience as I learn how to post information.

Yesterday I had the chance to pop into work for a few minutes to grab items to have at home. The reality of what is happening in our world cause by COVID-19 truly hit me as I opened the classroom door. Instead of seeing 24 wonderful children happily engaged in learning, I was saddened by the loneliness of our room. I am definitely missing the children and look forward to being back together again. In the meantime, please reach out to me for chats, send me pictures of learning activities that are being completed at home, and for you to have any questions or concerns answers. I am here for you and your children.

It is important to stay home in order to stay safe! Since our present routines, conversations and media coverage tends to focus on how the Coronavirus is affecting us, it is normal for children to feel nervous and scared. Please read the document that has been posted on our school’s website as it may help answer some of your child’s concerns.

A Youtube video that may be helpful to view on Social Distancing is linked below.

This is an uncertain time for all Islanders. We are presently living with a lot of “unknowns.” As you are aware, the government has announced that schools will stay closed until at least April 6th. Since every family’s situation is different, please do not feel pressure to complete academic tasks with your children. You know your family’s situation the best. If you chose to do activities at home, please access the PSB website or the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning for some suggestions.

Support for Families ( Please call if in need.)

With our PSB schools being closed, the absence of access to school breakfast and lunch programs has put a financial strain on many families. Assistance is being provided to families dealing with food insecurity. Families are being asked to contact the Support for Families lines 902-368-5155 or 902-368-6990 or for further information and assistance. If you know of a family who could use this support, please share this information with them.

All the best,

Mrs. Callaghan

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