March 30, 2020

Hi Everyone,

As we begin another week of staying safe at home, I continue to think about my amazing class. I miss seeing their beautiful faces, hearing their funny stories, seeing them do kind gestures for one another and watching their engage in new learning. Please know that I am here for you and your child. If he/she is worried, anxious or lonely please get in touch. I will gladly have a chat.

Congratulations to those who have been using the website for both literacy and mathematical learning. I’ve received an email stating that students have been practicing skills. I am proud of you! Again, please let me know if you would like your child’s password and username. Six parents have requested this information so far.

Another Great Learning Site: Epic Books for Kids!

An excellent reading website that students are familiar with is Epic Books for Kids! Google it, click on the tab for students, enter our class code rxi5713, find your child’s name and then begin learning. If you click on the F&P tab, a drop down box allows you to choose your child’s reading level. (If you have forgotten it, please text me and I will tell you.) The site then groups appropriately levelled books to explore. After choosing your child’s reading level, your son/daughter can continue to explore books under that tab or can click on the Read to Me tab for a bigger selection of books. I suggest muting the sound so your child has to read aloud rather than listening to the stories.

Epic Books for Kids

Hopefully this week, the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning will give teachers directions on what distance learning will look like next week. Please remember that the sites I have suggested are optional. You know what is best for your son or daughter while we are away from school.

Please give your child a huge hug from me!

Stay healthy and please stay in touch,

Mrs. Callaghan

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