April 1, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Happy April Fool’s Day! I hope that there is laughter, pranks and happiness in your home today. Yesterday I chatted with 8 students and parents from 2A!It was wonderful hearing the children’s voices and connecting with them for a few minutes. I will continue making phone calls this afternoon.

This week continues to be an uncertain one on Prince Edward Island. Please put no pressure on yourself or your child to have perfect learning experiences at home. Next week teachers will begin to outline daily learning opportunities. As of now, the Department of Education and Life Long Learning continues to develop a plan as to how this will be rolled out. Government officials are aware that internet access, the type of devices available and comfort levels with technology vary from home to home. All of this will be taken into consideration.

As many children in 2A love to draw and paint, I have linked Arts Projects for Kids as it has hundreds of interesting designs to create. Each design comes with step by step instructions.


April is Poetry Month. This poem describes Grade 2A.

A Kind and Caring Classroom

A place where friends smile

To show you that they care.

A place where everyone’s a friend

And happy to be there.

A room that’s someplace special

Where kids know they belong.

Where no one is left out

Where together we are strong.

A class where all are learning

And no one’s left behind.

Where you can ask for help

And everyone is kind.

The kind of place you want to be

When you come to school each day.

A kind and caring classroom

That’s great in every way!

All the best,

Mrs. Callaghan

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