April 7, 2020

Hi Everyone,

I hope your first day of official “at home learning” went well. Feel free to contact me with any issues or successes that are happening. I enjoy knowing what the children are creating and learning.

Since today is Day 2 of our School Spirit Week, students are asked to try something new for the first time. If you are a parent who has a Facebook account and you haven’t already done so, please feel free to join West Royalty School’s page. It is a great way to share pictures and videos from home.

I continue to be extraordinarily proud of my class. The children are doing a terrific job of their assignments. I am especially grateful to parents who have now taken on the role of teacher. This is a frantic time for many so THANK YOU!

Every morning teachers receive an email from Parker Grimmer, the Director of the PSB. He concluded today’s message with this poem.


I dreamed I stood in a studio

And watched two sculptors there,

The clay they used was a young child’s mind

And they finished it with care.

One was a teacher; the tools she used

Were books and music and art;

One a parent with a guiding hand

And a gentle and loving heart.

Day after day the teacher toiled

With a touch that was deft and sure

While the parent laboured by her side

And polished and smoothed it o’er.

And when at last their task was done

They were proud of what they had wrought,

For the things they had moulded into the child

Could neither be sold nor bought

And each agreed she would have failed

If she had worked alone.

For behind the parent stood the school

And behind the teacher, the home.

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