April 8, 2020

Hi Everyone,

It is Check-In Wednesday! We are halfway through our first week of distance learning. Please reach out to me if you or your child are having difficulty with the work that’s been assigned. Our new normal has a steep learning curve for all of us. I am genuinely in awe with the continuous efforts you are putting into keeping your children feeling comfortable, safe and engaged in learning. Parents must be exhausted!

I am sure that routines are starting to develop but I am certain there are moments of “no” tantrums and frustration. Please remind your children that life may be challenging and feel different but I know they can take on things that are hard! Even though I am not in a classroom with them, I want what is best for all my kids. They are constantly in my thoughts. I unconditionally care about them and you. Please call or text if you have any questions, experiences or funny moments to share. I enjoy our chats. I am amazed at all the interesting projects and activities you are doing as families.

Today is Day 3 of West Royalty School’s Spirit Week so children are asked to wear blue and white to represent our school’s colors.

*****A couple of Easter riddles/jokes to share….

Q. What do you call a rabbit with the sniffles?

A. A runny bunny!

Q. What kind of stories do rabbits like best?

A. Ones with hoppy endings!

Q. How does the Easter Bunny stay fit?

A. Egg-xercise

Take care, until tomorrow,

Mrs. Callaghan

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