April 14, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Ms. Whalen has suggested some new movement/brain break activities for students to try. Although I posted them here, you can also find them on her PE blog on our school’s website.

Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday,

Mrs. Callaghan

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Teach the kids the following motions:
• Rock = squat down.
• Paper = star jump, landing with legs and arms wide.
• Scissors = cross arms and legs.
1. With a partner, kids play 5 rounds of Rock, Paper, Scissors.
2. Rock is more powerful than scissor; scissor is more powerful than paper; paper is more powerful than rock.
Repeat the game until time is up.

Book Worm Workout
1. Choose a short story to read. An ideal story has repetition of key words or rhymes.
2. Choose a key word in the story (i.e. if reading “The Cat in the Hat” the word could be Hat).
3. Every time the word is read, kids must perform 3 jumping jacks (push-ups, burpees etc.).
4. For older kids, you could use every word that rhymes, or has a “y” etc.

Clap for 10
1. Do 10 jumping jacks clapping your hands when they are above your head.
2. Do 10 lunges clapping your hands when your hands are above your knees.
3. Do 10 burpees clapping your hands above your head when you jump up.
4. Do 10 crunches clapping your hands when they are above your knees.
5. Do 10 squats clapping your hands when you extend you legs.

Paper Plate Burst
Provide each kid with two paper plates (or something else that can slide on the ground).
Perform each activity 10 times:
1. Sliding burpee. (Start in a standing position with feet on paper plates. Bend knees, place hands on the floor and slide feet back until you are
2. Sliding side lunge. (Stand with legs together (feet on plates), slide left leg to the side, and then back to center. Repeat on right side.)
3. Swimming slide. (Start lying face down with hands on plates. Pull hands straight back and lift chest and shoulders. Return to start.)
4. Sliding mountain climbers. (Start in plank position with feet on paper plates. Bend left knee and bring as close to left elbow as possible. Return left leg to start and repeat with right leg.)

Jungle Run
Kids move around the room or outside. Cue them to change movements:
1. Jump over logs
2. Duck under branches
3. High knees through quick sand
4. Run from a tiger
5. Tip toe past a snake
6. Imitate monkeys
7. Have kids choose a jungle movement of their choice.

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