May 7, 2020

Grade 2 Epic Books Reading Challenge!

Hi Everyone,

Calling all West Royalty Grade 2 Readers!

Your teachers have a challenge for you!

2A, 2B and 2C are setting an incredible goal for ALL of us together to read 4000 books by June 19th. You heard it correctly. . . 4000 books!!! Impossible you say. . . not for talented readers like us!

As of today:

2A has read 500 books

2B has read 600 books

2C has read 1100 books

Total = 2200 books

So jump onto Epic Books and start reading as many stories as you can.

Ms. Callaghan, Mrs. Yeo, and Mrs. Roper will keep you up-to-date each week on how we are doing towards our goal.

On your mark, get set, start reading . . . !

Congratulations to 2A!

2A has achieved a remarkable accomplishment! 10000 answers on! I am proud of my capable hard-working students!

Until tomorrow,

Mrs. Callaghan

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