June 3, 2020

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday. Hopefully the rain will stay away.

In-School Support Update

As 8 parents have reached out to me, Friday morning I will be having 2 one-hour math sessions with students. Since there is availability for one more child to join the 8:30-9:30am session, if interested, please let me know.

Although children must enter the building at staggered times (I will text you today your child’s arrival time), they can be dismissed all at once. This is possible because I’ll walk students outside to be picked up.

At all times we must social distance by 2 meters. As many will be excited about being back in the building, please have a chat with your child about the importance of this rule.

When parents arrive, you’ll be ask questions about your son/daughter’s health and all children must sign in. Teachers are responsible for screening parents and for keeping an up-to-date log as to which students have been inside the building. Part of our safety protocol is that anyone entering a PEI school must now sign-in. This is required in the event of contact tracing.

The health questions parents will be asked are:

  • Has anyone in the household travelled outside of PEI in the last 14 days and are required to self-isolate? (This may eliminate students who have parents who are truckers.)
  • Does the child have any of the following symptoms: New or worsening cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, congestion, headache, muscle aches, unusual fatigue, acute loss of sense of smell or taste?
  • Have you or your child(ren) had close contact (face-to-face contact within 2 metres (6 feet) with someone who is ill with any of the above noted symptoms? 
  • Have you or anyone in your household been in contact in the last 14 days with a person under investigation or confirmed to be a case of COVID-19?
  • Please note: If a parent answers yes to any of the above, the student cannot stay.

All the best,

Mrs. Callaghan

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