June 19, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Happy Friday! Hopefully our gorgeous weather will continue into the weekend.

Epic Books for Kids Success

The children have earned another badge! Keep up the excellent reading throughout July and August. Congratulations!

Home Learning — Thank you!

Today is the final day of home learning! I am tremendously grateful for the hard work of 2A during at home learning. Bravo! Pat yourselves on the back! Thank you for your dedicated efforts.

A Goodbye Poem

I'm glad I was your child's teacher
I've come to love them so
I can't believe the end is here
I hate to see them go

I've watched them learn and grow
And change from day to day
I hope that all the things we've done
Have helped in some small way

So it's with happy memories that
I send them off to enjoy the summer
With great hope and expectations
That they will never lose their sense of wonder

I'll remember all the fun we had
In all the things we did,
But most of all I'll remember...
They're very special kids!

In Summer” Song

Happy Summer!

I look forward to seeing students at our End of Year Celebration gatherings on Tuesday afternoon.

This is my final blog post for the 2019-2020 school year.

All the best to everyone as we enjoy a beautiful PEI summer!


Mrs. Callaghan

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