May 23, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Learning assignments for the week of May 25th-29th have been posted. You will notice in the “optional” section of the assignment note, two interactive activities for the students to explore. They are both fun opportunities to learn more about the different features available within Google Classroom.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs. Callaghan

Another Book by Dev Petty: CLAYMATES

A Song Inspired by CLAYMATES

May 22, 2020

Hi Everyone,

I hope that everyone is enjoying this week’s lovely weather! Hopefully we will also have a nice weekend.

Another Epic Books for Kids Reading Badge!

The class continues to make outstanding progress. Continue to read, read, read. In order to avoid the “summer slide”, it is essential for students to read during July and August. Regular reading is a must. Children, who don’t consistently practice this skill, statically drop between 2-8 levels during summer vacation.

Woohoo, you did it again!

This song by Marshmello describes how I feel about 2A! Take a listen…

More Fun With Flat Mrs. Callaghan!

Kaitlin is helping Flat Mrs. Callaghan enjoy a cool juicy drink while Colton is allowing her to share his yummy meals.

Have a wonderful Friday and a happy weekend,

Mrs. Callaghan

The Reading Challenge Results Are In…

Hi Everyone,

Drum roll please…the results for the first 2 weeks of our Epic Books for Kids Reading Challenge are in! All Grade 2 classes did extraordinarily well. In fact, we surpassed the combined goal we set for June 19th.

I am proud to announced that the classes have read 4294 books! Congratulations!

As of now…

2A read 1197

2B read 1243

2C read 1854

Total = 4294

So a new goal has been set…10 000 books by June 19th. We can definitely achieve it! Keep up the great reading!

I am thrilled with 2A’s results. Since May 7th, students have read 697 stories! That’s a tremendous accomplishment! We’re almost caught up to 2B.

K-9 Learning Reports: A letter from Tammy Hubley-Little

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Since March 23rd, our focus has been on literacy, numeracy, and student health and well-being in kindergarten through grade 9. During this time, home learning materials have been provided for students. Our goal has been to provide opportunities for learning, rather than evaluation.

As the year progresses you have been asking about your child’s achievement and report cards. In June, you will receive an end of year report with comments from your child’s teachers. There will not be an end of year achievement mark because we have been focusing on student learning in specific areas of the provincial curriculum.

Students in K-9 will not be retained as a result of COVID-19 and will move to the next grade level.

In the fall, teachers will be using a revised curriculum to teach your child. The curriculum will include key aspects of learning from this school year that your child will need to learn as they continue in the next grade.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s learning, please contact your child’s teacher.

Kind regards,

Tammy Hubley-Little
Director of English Education, Programs and Services
Department of Education and Lifelong Learning

May 20, 2020

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are having a great week. As we are having warmer weather, Ms. Whalen asked teachers to share the following information:

Bike Safety Tips

These videos links discuss biking safety, bike maintenance and signaling.  This information can also be accessed through Ms. Whalen’s blog. Happy Biking! 

Cartoon on Bike Safety

Hand Signals

12 Rules to Follow

An Excellent Read Aloud: Clark the Shark

Have a terrific Wednesday.

Until tomorrow,

Mrs. Callaghan

May 19, 2020

Hi Everyone,

More Fun with Flat Mrs. Callaghan!

Flat Mrs. Callaghan has been busy creating beautiful art work with Michael and having lots of fun golfing with Porter. Please continue to send in photos.

I am With You Song

As we continue to be apart, I came across this song to share with students.

Hi 2A! I think about you all the time.

Another Update From Epic Books for Kids!

Wow! The class is completing extraordinary reading. I am beyond proud!

Woohoo! Congratulations!

Until tomorrow,

Mrs. Callaghan

May 16, 2020

HI Everyone,

I hope that everyone is enjoying the long weekend. This week’s learning has been posted in 2A’s Google Classroom. There is no expectation that students start to complete assignments until Tuesday.

It’s a Boy!

On Saturday morning our mare, Ladysai, gave birth to a colt. He is happy, healthy and curious.

Activity Breaks #7

Ms. Whalen has uploaded new movement/brain break activities to her blog. Feel free to access them through this link:

Have a wonderful Victoria Day.

Until Tuesday,

Mrs. Callaghan

May 15, 2020

Support For Families

Hi Everyone,

In Mr. Grimmer’s correspondence with staff and parents on Wednesday, he indicated that last week over 6,000 meals were provided to Island children. These meals were delivered directly to students’ homes.

Snacks were also delivered and gift cards are being provided to the families with concerns around food allergies. 

COVID-19 continues to impact us in ways we could never have imagined. As we navigate our way through ongoing challenges, if you feel your family would benefit from this program, please call 902-368-5155 or 902-368-6990. You can also email with your name and contact information and someone from the PSB will get back to you. It is an excellent program.

Fresh Air Friday

Our School Spirit Theme for today is “Fresh Air Friday.” Try to have some fun outdoors as a family. Hopefully we will have beautiful weather all weekend. Enjoy Victoria Day.

Until next week,

Mrs. Callaghan

May 14, 2020

Epic Books For Kids Update

Hi Everyone,

The class did it again. 900 books read! Congratulations! Update!

Woohoo at the success students are having using this website!

All I can say is..

2A is the best!

Fun with Flat Mrs. Callaghan

Please continue to send me more adorable pictures!

Until tomorrow,

Mrs. Callaghan

May 13, 2020

Epic Books for Kids Update!

Hi Everyone,

I am impressed by my students. Congratulations as they have received their next badge. Sometime during this upcoming weekend, Grade 2 teachers will announce the total amount read since our challenge began. Let’s go, 2A! Read, read, read! Remember, our combined goal is 4000 by June 19th.

Have a great day!

Until tomorrow,

Mrs. Callaghan

May 12, 2020

Mrs. Zinck’s Newest Music Episode

Here’s the latest edition of “Fun Songs with Mrs. Zinck.” I hope it brightens your day.

IXL Success

Students should feel delighted with their success so far on So far they have answered 2645 questions! Keep up the great learning!

Fun with Flat Mrs. Callaghan

Flat Mrs. Callaghan is no longer bored and lonely. 2A is making her feel happy and occupied. She’s having lots of fun hanging out with students. She’s been busy being silly, taking walks, getting a bath from a doggy, baking delicious cakes, building forts, playing with transformers/legos and listening to bedtime stories.

I love receiving the pictures. These are a couple that have been sent in so far…

Until tomorrow,

Mrs. Callaghan