May 10, 2020

Hi Everyone,

This week’s learning has been posted in Google Classroom. I hope that you had a wonderful weekend. Although the weather wasn’t great, it was fantastic that many got to spend time with extended family and friends. I hope that all moms felt special and appreciated.

Another Reading Accomplishment!

Congratulations to 2A! An increase of 100 books read in the past week! Way to go!

Activity Breaks From Ms. Whalen!

Access this link for some more movement/brain breaks.

Pharrell Williams – Happy!

Enjoy this “feel good” song to start off your week! Have fun dancing through your house!

Until tomorrow,

Mrs. Callaghan

May 8, 2020

Happy Birthday to an Amazing Boy!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Birthday to Colton! 2A hopes that you have an outstanding day!

Happy Birthday To My Kid Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook ...
Happy Birthday Colton from all your friends!

Car Parade!

Staff at West Royalty will be having a car parade through the community today (Friday) starting shortly at 1:30 pm. Staff are meeting at our school’s parking lot and then heading out. Our vehicles will be lined up with Administration leading us, then K-Grade 6 teachers, then specialists. We hope to follow a route that will allow us to pass by most homes. Please have your children look for us. Come out to wave and cheer as we drive by. It will be great to see as many students as possible.

The Parade Route includes:


West Royalty School

Bell Heights Subdivision

Grace Baptist Subdivision

Orchard Hill Subdivision

Lewis Point Subdivision

Maypoint Road

Sandlewood Subdivision (Apple Tree and Sandlewood)

Parricus Mead

Upton Park

Windsor Park

Meadowvale Trailer Park

Southway/Westway Subdivision


Fox Run/Gardiner to Stockman

Malpeque Road

Campbell Road

Winsloe Road

Countryview Subdivision

Sherwood Road

Salisbury Avenue

Gates Drive

Kenwood Circle Subdivision

West Royalty School


Spirit Week Theme Information From Ms. Whalen for May 11th-15th!

Don’t forget to put pictures of what your child is doing on our school’s Facebook page.

Epic Books for Kids!

2A has received another badge. 600 books read. Woohoo!

Congratulations to my excellent readers!

All the best,

Mrs. Callaghan

May 7, 2020

Grade 2 Epic Books Reading Challenge!

Hi Everyone,

Calling all West Royalty Grade 2 Readers!

Your teachers have a challenge for you!

2A, 2B and 2C are setting an incredible goal for ALL of us together to read 4000 books by June 19th. You heard it correctly. . . 4000 books!!! Impossible you say. . . not for talented readers like us!

As of today:

2A has read 500 books

2B has read 600 books

2C has read 1100 books

Total = 2200 books

So jump onto Epic Books and start reading as many stories as you can.

Ms. Callaghan, Mrs. Yeo, and Mrs. Roper will keep you up-to-date each week on how we are doing towards our goal.

On your mark, get set, start reading . . . !

Congratulations to 2A!

2A has achieved a remarkable accomplishment! 10000 answers on! I am proud of my capable hard-working students!

Until tomorrow,

Mrs. Callaghan

May 6, 2020

Mother’s Day Activities

Hi Everyone,

I came across this sweet read aloud, “A Mother for Choco” for the class to enjoy. The story highlights the qualities of a mother’s love and that families come in many different forms.

Another great activity for Mother’s Day is this directed drawing. It is a terrific way for children to create meaningful pictures of their moms.

Until tomorrow,

Mrs. Callaghan

May 5, 2020

Hi Everyone,

As many of you know, it is Mental Health Week in Canada. As a result, our school’s spirit challenge is to have an “Attitude of Gratitude.” Students are encouraged to practice gratitude every day. Take time to reflect on the good things happening in your life. Write down 3 things that you are thankful for and post these to West Royalty School’s Facebook page.

DELL Youtube Learning Channel

This is an updated link for the DELL Youtube Learning Channel which airs Eastlink episodes for learners/families who do not subscribe to Eastlink.

Epic Books For Kids

Congratulations to the class for another impressive achievement. Students have read 500 books!

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a holiday celebrated in many parts of North America. It commemorates the importance of the Mexican army winning a battle against the French on May 5, 1892. It is now a opportunity for families to come together to celebrate Mexican culture.

One of our favorite Aaron Reynolds books is Chicks and Salsa. I thought students might like revisiting it.

Between the Lions is a television series that is designed to promote reading. In total, there are 130 episodes. One episode focuses on the story Chicks and Salsa. If interested, please click on the video link below.

Have a wonderful Tuesday,

Mrs. Callaghan

May The Fourth Be With You!

Star Wars | Wookieepedia | Fandom

Hi Everyone,

Home Learning for this week has been posted in our Google Classroom. Please get in touch with any questions or concerns. Thank you for being great teachers!

Please check out Ms. Whalen’s blog for some new activity breaks.

Congratulations to 2A as they have achieved more success using

It has been 40 years since “The Empire Strikes Back” premiered in theatres. As a family, if fans of the Star Wars franchise, then today, while we continue to self-isolate at home, is a perfect time to revisit some of your favorite movies.

In 2016, Britain’s Got Talent tv show was taken over by Boogie Storm. Enjoy dancing with some Stormtroopers!

Until Tuesday,

Mrs. Callaghan

May 1, 2020 Dog Man: From the Creator of Captain Underpants (Dog ...

Hi Everyone,

I can not believe that it is May! Two amazing boys from 2A are celebrating their birthdays this month. Colton’s birthday is on May 8th while Willim’s birthday is on May 29th!

Captain Underpants | Captain Underpants Wiki | Fandom

Is your child a fan of either Captain Underpants or Dog Man books? If so, he/she needs to check out Dav Pilkey at Home. Mr. Pikley has partnered with Scholastic to create drawing videos, games, read alouds and other activities for school aged children. Every Friday, Dav posts new content to the site. This is the 5th week he has been offering activities for kids to explore. Success!

I was thrilled to receive another certificate from showing the progress the class is making. This is a huge accomplishment! Congratulations to all who are using this site to practice their math and literacy skills!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs. Callaghan

April 30, 2020

Mrs. Zinck is going to be on TV!

Mrs. Zinck is going to be featured on two of the upcoming home learning television episodes of “Head Hand Heart Connection.” Tune in to the Community Channel on Eastlink (10 & 610) to view these shows. Mrs. Zinck is scheduled to air on Thursday, April 30, and Friday, May 1st around 11:30 a.m. The program runs from 11:00-12:00. The first part is music composition with Mr. Giddings. Mrs. Zinck’s portion will follow that. If you are able to access Eastlink, you may want to tune in with your child on both days.

Dr. Suess Books Put To Rap!

A filmmaker,Wes Tank, has taken some of Dr. Suess’ most popular stories and rapped them out. I have linked 3 but there are lots more on Youtube.

Until tomorrow,

Mrs. Callaghan

April 29, 2020

Hi Everyone,

It is “Check in Wednesday.” How’s learning going for your child this week? Please feel free to call/text/email me if your child is having lots of success, needs some extra motivation, is struggling with a concept or for a chat. I always love hearing a student’s voice on the other end of my phone.

PSB Student Services Facebook Page

If you haven’t checked out this Facebook page, it is worth taking a look. Jillian Stewart, one of school board’s psychologists has posted an excellent video on how to help children regulate emotions when experiencing tantrums. If you are interested in watching it, please like their page.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 10th. Children always enjoy creating cards and writing letters for this special occasion. Feel free to have your children watch this link. They can fold a piece of paper, create the front cover, write a love note/letter on the inside and then decorate the back.

Until tomorrow,

Mrs. Callaghan